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Stationary water treatment systems

Water purification systems vary in size, structure, and use. The simplest water purification systems are water jugs with filters. There are also large-scale water treatment systems for industrial enterprises with a capacity of tons of water per hour.

If you need a water filter for your drinking water supply, you should first determine which corner of your house and how much water you need in a day.

If such a need is necessary for your kitchen, it is better to be interested in stationary water filters. These types of water filters are considered to be medium volume water purification systems and are usually installed under the dishwasher in the kitchen.

Stationary filters consist of at least two stages. Inside these stages (modules), which make up the equipment case, there is a filter made of materials that purify the water. These filter materials can contain polypropylene, activated carbon, coconut carbon, and other cleaning agents.

The filters in the modules are easy to replace by yourself. The filter replacement period is from one month to two years, depending on the water use and the function of the module.

Often, such water treatment systems are equipped with an additional water tank with a capacity of 5-7 liters. In some models, such as the stationary system Aquaphor™ Morion, this reservoir is located inside a common housing. Almost all of these types of water filtration systems are compact: mixes easily in any dishwasher.

A unique solution for drinking water - stationary water purification systems are divided into two parts according to their technical characteristics:

1. Standard stationary systems - purify water from mechanical impurities, remove odors and water hardness.

2. Stationary reverse osmosis systems - purify water at the molecular level, enrich the mineral composition, and fully operational at low water pressure.

When installing a drinking water filter in the kitchen of an apartment, it is important to pay attention to the pressure of the water supply and the number of family members. Once you have made a choice, you can get a better result when choosing a product with the advice of a professional master.

Stationary water treatment systems are an effective solution to the problem of clean drinking water in your kitchen. With this tool, you will be provided with quality water when preparing delicious meals, as well as brewing tea and coffee. It is also permissible to pour a glass of water from such a tap and drink it directly. Fruits and vegetables become more sterile and fresher when washed with that kind of water.

All of the above factors of stationary water purification filters will help you ensure a healthier lifestyle, which starts from your kitchen.